• The original company Zetina, s.r.o., was
    established on 1 May 1990 as a Pfaff sewing machines assembly company; the
    sewing machines were assembled from production kits delivered from Karlsruhe.



  • Between 1992 and 1998, we assembled 85-100
    thousand sewing machines every year.
  • Zetina manufactures sewing machines under a
    Pfaff licence.


  • The German manufacturer and recipient of
    assembled sewing machines declared bankruptcy for both household sewing
    machines and industrial applications.
  • Manufacturing was interrupted for a single month
    in September 1999; it was resumed after the month for the bankruptcy receiver.
  • A Swedish company headquartered in Huskvarna
    bought Pfaff GmbH from the receiver and offered Zetina cooperation on renewed
    sewing machine production.
  • VSM Production s.r.o. was established in Brno as
    a subsidiary of VSM AB. It took over Zetina's ten years' worth of know-how in
    sewing machine manufacturing.
  • VSM grew progressively and invested in new
    technologies, purchased new Stama CNC centres for precision tooling aluminium
    castings, and built technical and purchasing departments that took over the
    Karlsruhe agenda. The initial assembly plant became a production company.


  • The company continued producing sewing machines
    for the parent company in Sweden
  • It produced 400-500 sewing machines in the
    higher-middle and top classes every day, including embroidering units.


·        The original owner of VSM AB decided to offer
the whole group for direct sale, and it was sold.


·        The new owner of VSM AB already owned the Singer
brand and manufacturing plants in China and Brazil, and established SVP
Worldwide together with the Pfaff and Husqvarna brands. 

·        Shortly afterwards the newly established group
decided to phase out production at VSM Production and shift the sewing machine
production to China.

·        The VSM Production CEO and managing director
bought the company from the parent company and changed its name to Holek
Production s.r.o.


·        Due to the decreased sewing machine production,
the staff was reduced from 220 to 45 employees.

·        Holek Production participated in a competition
to buy the Pfaff mangle production project in November. Based on its successful
participation, Holek Production bought the full rights, know-how, manufacturing
tools and patents for the project.

·        Sales of mangles under the original brand was
limited to the SVP sales network; sales of mangles under our own brand, or a
different manufacturer's brand was not.

  • The first mangle was produced at Holek
    Production and supplied to SVP in January.
  • The company manufactured and marketed the first
    Ironnette branded mangles in the course of the year.
  • Our mangles made a successful entry on new
    markets in the Baltic states and Russia.



  • Holek Production acquired a licence for export
    to Saudi Arabia and worked on a modified model for the USA.
  • The total of 10,000 mangles was reached since
    the start of the production.
  • Holek Production initiated mangle certification for Australia and then shipped the first container of mangles to Australia.
  • The company started mangle certification for export to the USA.

  • On 23 November 2017, Holek Production s.r.o. declared the most successful company in TOP MSP 2017 competition organized by the Regional Economic Chamber in Brno. The company participated in this competition repeatedly and it has already ranked several times in TOP 10. This year's competition, which was attended by 303 small and medium-sized companies from the region, occupied our company 1st place and was declared the absolute winner of the competition. Photographs from the ceremony can be viewed in the photogallery.

Company profile

The company manufactures and sells ironing equipment and sewing machines in cooperation with the world's most renowned brands.
  • Leading manufacturer of ironers for use in households and businesses
  • In the sewing machine industry since 1990
  • Made more than 12,500 ironers since January 2008
  • Spare parts manufacturer for mangles and sewing machines


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