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Ironnette 85 is the longer version with a roller length of 850 mm. Its longer roller, meaning a larger pressing surface, makes it particularly convenient for pressing larger laundry items such as towels, tablecloths and bed linen. Of course it can handle more complex pieces in your wardrobe too, such as shirts, blouses, and perfectly pressed trousers.

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Manufacturer: Holek Production s. r. o.

Technical data

Height (Dimensions Working position):
105 cm
Power consumption:
3,3 kW
39 kg
Width (Dimensions Working position):
95 cm

Product Description

Both the IRONNETTE 67 and the IRONNETTE 85 are technically identical; they only differ in the pressing roller length. Whereas the longer roller, meaning larger pressing surface, of the IRONNETTE 85 enables easier handling of wide laundry items such as tablecloths, bed clothes, hand and bath towels, the IRONNETTE 67 offers more comfort and convenience when ironing shirts and blouses. However, both types easily handle the entire laundry range, especially thanks to their free-moving arms.

Although the mangle is a sophisticated product from a technical point of view, it is very simple to operate. With a little exaggeration, even a small child can operate it; however, do not leave children unattended close to the mangle, particularly when hot.

Lift the mangle roller into the working position with a simple movement after releasing the safety catch. Once the mangle is switched on, press the preset programme button to set the required temperature: from SYNTHETIC with the lowest temperature, to SILK, WOOL, COTTON all the way up to LINEN with the highest temperature. Starting from WOOL you can mangle with steam, in three intensity levels, allowing either permanent steam or steam on pedal activation.

You can start ironing once the mangle pressing surface has achieved the right temperature, which is indicated by the pilot lights that started flashing after activation and have now stopped flashing but remain on. Apply the linen to be ironed to the pressing surface and activate the pedal. It is like driving a car: the more you step on the pedal, the faster you, or at least the mangle, will go. If you wish to just "apply" the iron to the shirt collar, simply tread on the pedal lightly. The roller is pressed down but will not start moving. If you want it to start moving, tread on the pedal a little more.

The mangle also enables good moistening of the laundry being pressed. The steam, produced by a steam generator, is channeled to a slit in the pressing surface, enabling a perfect and even penetration of steam into the linen. You can choose from three steam intensity levels.

It is up to your consideration to choose whether to use steam made from distilled water or a cartridge with granules against limescale deposition or tap water. It is thus only up to you whether you prefer to buy a granule cartridge or go to the nearest drugstore to get distilled water.

The water quality is checked by a sensor, which constantly checks is hardness. If it increases above the secure limit, where limescale deposition in the steam generation or distribution system becomes a threat, you are warned by a blue indicator light. If the light comes on, do not continue mangling until you have replaced the cartridge. Failing that, the electronic control board disconnects the steam generator. Repeatedly trying to iron with steam where the water hardness is inappropriate may result in a clogging of the steam generation and distribution system, which then requires more complicated servicing by the manufacturer.

The mangle comes with a safety lever for releasing the roller if the power fails while mangling and the mangle stops in the pressed roller position. In that case, press the lever as far back as it goes. This lifts the roller and releases the linen. Once the power supply is restored, the lever is easily put back into its original position by moving it forward while treading on the pedal. If you cannot do this in a single long movement, you have to repeat the operation in small steps.

After you have finished mangling, you can recline the mangle into the storage position, which takes up no more room than an ordinary dining chair.


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Supplementary information

Company profile

The company manufactures and sells ironing equipment and sewing machines in cooperation with the world's most renowned brands.
  • Leading manufacturer of ironers for use in households and businesses
  • In the sewing machine industry since 1990
  • Made more than 12,500 ironers since January 2008
  • Spare parts manufacturer for mangles and sewing machines


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